Week 5: Activity-Ethnography

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This week we have to go a day without electricity and live like how our ancestors did. At first hearing this assignment sounded terrible because I always use my phone, laptop, and lights. I’m not fund of the darkness. Because I’m not a candle person, I had to borrow my roommate’s candle. The candle’s scent was gingerbread pumpkin it smelled really good. Before sun down, I planned to stay in my room to study. It was really hard to stop myself from touching the light switch since I’m used to doing it my whole life.  I put the candle on my desk and read my accounting book. I wished that I could increase the brightness of the candle like I can on my phone. Not having my phone really helped me concentrate on my studies. After studying I got really bored and slept for an hour. I decided to go for a walk. I asked my roommates if they wanted to walk too. 2 out the 4 said yes and left their phones in our apartment. I’m glad that they wanted to contribute to my experience. It was really cool to see the night sky and having deep talks with my roommates. I felt like that walk made us become closer. Overall this was an interesting experience but I wouldn’t do it again because I love technology and electricity so much. I choose to not escape this reality.


Week 5: Artist Conversation – Jarand Abad, Josh Benz, Roddy Hernandez, Sery Kwon, Peter MaCaulay, Coleton Kargi Palmer, Karen Soli, Krista Tsukashima

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All of the art in the gallery had different shapes, colors, and themes. One painting had straight defined lines that showed a couple watching a movie in their bedroom but on the side of the couple there was a man with a camera filming. The colors of that painting reminded me of the sunset and the rhythm looked very smooth and jazzy. There was a little darkness to the painting. In the painting there was a black monster next to the couple.

Another painting looked like inspirational street art. It had a male figure that looked like a father holding a child. There were barely any colors but the images made up for the lack of color. There are various shapes to the painting. The painting has writing that says “Just another layer to paint” which I think is a friendly message to continue to paint what inspires you. Also in written is the word “wisdom” that may mean to write or paint a wise image.

All these artists collaborated on all the paintings displayed in the art gallery. The one with the couple was painted by Josh Benz with his partner Karen Soils. Josh Benz was the one who colored most of the painting. He really enjoys coloring. He explained that the painting shows the transition of being a child to adulthood.

The painting does resonate in my ideas, perspectives, and experience. I like watching TV shows or movies with friends or significant others . I really like how the painting shows a relaxing atmosphere which I enjoy on a everyday life. I’m not into too exciting events that involves too much activity.

Week 5: Classmate Conversation-Alicia Jones

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Alicia Jones is at her 2nd year at Cal State Long Beach her major is Film. She likes editing and would like to edit for TV. She’s from LA borderline near Compton; it takes her 20 to 25 minutes to drive to school. She loves cheerleadering.  On her cheerleading team she is level 4 and a flyer, so she is always thrown up in the air. Her first choice to go to college was Hawaiian University through a cheer scholarship but it was little too expensive and far. CSU Long Beach was her back up school and she really enjoys attending our school. She likes watching Grey’s Anatomy on Netflix. For the question of the week was what is your reality. This question was kind of confusing to interpret but we did our best to answer it. Alicia’s reality is being more cautious about money and able to live a well privilege life through her parents. Even though she lived near Compton she never seen any bad things or get into any messy situations. She was able to go to a good high school in Cerritos by commuting by long bus rides, carpools, and eventually her own car.

Website: https://aliciachristinajones.wordpress.com/

Week 4: Artist Conversation-David De Mendoza

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David De Mendoza’s art work had a dark tones and colorful images. They were inspired by horror films and based on direct fear. The work had some human characteristics but with a monster form. The look of the paintings were kind of scary but interesting at the same time. The shapes were very curvy there were barely any straight lines. The paintings had some cloudy textures with Halloween like colors. The colors were very similar to villains from cartoon movies especially the green color. The media of his work was really spooky and interesting.

The rhythm of his art seem pretty slow just like most scary movies are. Some of the works had purple, blue, green, black, and some yellow. None of them were vibrant or happy tone colors. When I first walked into the gallery it felt like walking into a haunted house with scary portraits that follows you with their eyes.  The light greens reminded me of what witch skin should look like. The dark blues remind me of a Halloween night  with the moon sneaking through the clouds.

David De Mendoza’s work is called “Disquieting” was inspired by many horror films and common fears people have. His work was based on direct fear. For example, most people are afraid of spiders so most of his art had spiders with human like characteristics. His paintings had some human features separated such as eye balls, skulls, and mouths. Some of the art works were planned some had last minute changes. It took him 3 months over the summer to finish his work.

His works definitely resonate with my life because I do have many fears. One of my fears is spiders. My own ideas, perceptions, and perspective were not resonated with his work because I’m not a huge fan of scary images. My life experience does resonate with his work his images are fearful. But my academic life is not resonated with his art.

His instagram is demendizzle

Week 4: Classmate Conversation-Donna Tang

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This week I interviewed Donna Tang she is a fifth year at CSU Long Beach majoring in Social Work and minor in Chinese. She plans on going to graduate school and she is debating on going to San Diego. She is from San Diego which I thought was so cool because I’m also from San Diego. So far in college I only met a few people that are from San Diego. So I was very excited to hear that she was from San Diego. She is from Escondido which is 30 minutes away from my hometown in San Diego. We both asked each other where we would live after college and both of us are still unsure. Her hobbies are biking, playing the guitar, and lifting at the gym. She absolutely dislikes cardio. She is a member of intervarsity, a fun Christian fellowship filled with diversity. This week’s question was “Does art matter to you?” Donna answered “Yes it does. I think it’s one of the few, inexpensive ways, that anyone can express themselves. You don’t have to “learn art,” anyone can do art and it will mean something. There’s nothing else that can have that same affect.”

Week 4: Activities-2D Art Painting

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My friend Stephanie and I drove out to Venice Beach to spray paint graffiti art. At first we were kind of nervous that our art would turn out bad because this is something we never done before.  After watching the bubble letter youtube tutorial, it looked even more intimidating.  It was my first time going to Venice Beach. There’s was so much art going around such as street performers, colorful souvenir shops with jewelry and interesting design backpacks, animal sculpture, and the graffiti wall and palm trees.  My spray cans were red and blue; I was not too excited for the color combination because least favorite color is red. But luckily Stephanie had cool color combination, gold and purple, so borrowed them. The wall had so many unique and interesting arts that I have never seen before.  At first it was kind of hard controlling the spray paint because of the wind and I was afraid the spray paint would go on my clothes. So I went a little closer to the wall and wrote my name from there. It’s a lot easier spraying the wall closer with shorter strokes. I’m happy with the results of my spray paint art; I wrote my nickname in English and in Japanese. Overall this was a fun experience and I would definitely do it again.

Week 3: Classmate Conversation-Edwyn Reyes


I met Edwyn through our friend Aron at the beach for our plaster casting project. He seemed like a really cool guy. I didn’t really get to know him until this classmate conversation. Through this classmate conversation I got to get a little insight on his life. This is his second year at CSU Long Beach and he’s a biology major. He hopes to use his biology degree for his career in dentistry. He was born in Mexico but was raised in Long Beach. He is half Mexican and half Japanese, I thought that was really cool because I’m also half Japanese too. I never would have thought he was part Japanese. We both liked the Cross-Cultural and Community-Based Practices in Art that was displayed in the Marylin Werby gallery. Edwyn enjoys nature and would like to go backpacking one day. He also really enjoys photography. . He mentioned that he would draw his own anime characters. He used to be really passionate about drawing so passionate in middle school he applied to a prestigious art academy for his high school years. Unfortunately he was not accepted to the art school which made him less passionate about art.

This is his blog- https://edwynreyes.wordpress.com/

Week 3: Artist Conversation-Kayla R Workman

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There’s was multiple art works made by different type of communities. Some from young children in different countries and senior citizens from a local senior centers. Kayla Workman and many other art students from CSU Long Beach did a community based arts and service learning “with a focus on social justice as standard practices in the discipline”. The art works were very bright, vibrant, and colorful. I felt the art works gave off happiness and fun. For every wall in the gallery there was different sets of art works. One wall had pictures of just people’s hands holding a piece paper with a written message. Another wall had aprons with splatter colors all over that looked very enjoyable to make. Aprons looked like any other apron but what distinguished them was the paint and design that the senior citizens done. I like the aprons were tied together it looked like unity.

My favorite pieces were the Japanese stained glass art because they were all interesting colors such as bright red, yellow, greens and patterns. Some of the patterns had distinct shapes such as hearts and stars, others had random ovals and polka dots. I like how the gallery have diversity of art works of many different people of the community. There was another set of art work that had a darker tone. It was bluish dark pictures in black frames. From glance it looked like a serious tone but once you look closely to the frames some were peaceful images and cute childish drawings. Overall this was my favorite gallery because I admire how they work with different communities and give back with art projects. I also like how display their art and it shows that within communities there’s always diversity.

Kayla R Workman was one of the many artist that worked with the Cross-cultural and Community-based Practices in Art. She said she enjoyed working with multiple communities from children in Cambodia to old senior citizen from a local senior center. She explained how some of these projects to multiple days because some of the processes of the art are tidiest and take in consideration of the community situations. For example working with the senior citizen’s stained glass project took a while because stain glass requires a lot of sun light but the senior citizen were not authorized to be out in the sun light. So that process to 4 weeks to do. Like many artist of this project, Kayla wanted the community to embrace themselves. For example, the polaroid’s of older hands holding a piece of paper with a message stating what they accomplished with their hands. Most of them were very interesting. Workman looked very happy stating the messages she recalled like this one message that stated “ I cook fried chicken with my hands”

I really enjoyed viewing all the art work from the Cross-Cultural and Community-Based Practices in Art. This art work did resonate with my own perspective and ideas. I really do like diversity and seeing people giving back to the community. Like the idea of how they focus on communities such as the disabled, Acacia Adult Day Services and NCADD-Women to women. I like the empowerment through different communities. The art work definitely shows the happiness of embrace themselves through the colorful bright work. I like the happiness all the artwork displayed in the gallery. It reminds me of all the volunteer work I did in high school and seeing all the happiness of all the communities I have helped out.

Kayla R Workman website is kaylaraecreates.weebly.com

Week 3: Social Photography

This week our activity was instagraming our daily lives. For every photo we post we caption #art110f15 so it would be easier to view other’s post. It’s amazing how a simple how a few and a # can lead to a community of posts. I was shocked that there was over 400 post with the hashtag, I was surprised at the amount and how most of these face I didn’t recognize in class. I felt that this activity was a good way of getting an insight on others. But personally I felt that it is better to get an insight on others’ lives by talking to them in person and getting to know their personal. Some post stood out to me but others looked typical and similar. For example, a good amount took a picture of the school or the steering wheel on the way to school. But there were other ones that stood out like the different angles of the art work we viewed that day and different cultural food such as tacos and dim sum. I really enjoy seeing diversity of post such as different cultures and ethnicities. It did feel like a virtual community of our art class and getting a little knowledge of others. Unfortunately at the same time I felt like it was disconnect because it’s only a post, you can’t hear their voice, physically see what they look like, or get a feel of their personality. But overall I felt that this was a good activity to get to know what others are like or how their lives are.122323 1234213 212341324 kjkjn