Week 3: Artist Conversation-Kayla R Workman

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There’s was multiple art works made by different type of communities. Some from young children in different countries and senior citizens from a local senior centers. Kayla Workman and many other art students from CSU Long Beach did a community based arts and service learning “with a focus on social justice as standard practices in the discipline”. The art works were very bright, vibrant, and colorful. I felt the art works gave off happiness and fun. For every wall in the gallery there was different sets of art works. One wall had pictures of just people’s hands holding a piece paper with a written message. Another wall had aprons with splatter colors all over that looked very enjoyable to make. Aprons looked like any other apron but what distinguished them was the paint and design that the senior citizens done. I like the aprons were tied together it looked like unity.

My favorite pieces were the Japanese stained glass art because they were all interesting colors such as bright red, yellow, greens and patterns. Some of the patterns had distinct shapes such as hearts and stars, others had random ovals and polka dots. I like how the gallery have diversity of art works of many different people of the community. There was another set of art work that had a darker tone. It was bluish dark pictures in black frames. From glance it looked like a serious tone but once you look closely to the frames some were peaceful images and cute childish drawings. Overall this was my favorite gallery because I admire how they work with different communities and give back with art projects. I also like how display their art and it shows that within communities there’s always diversity.

Kayla R Workman was one of the many artist that worked with the Cross-cultural and Community-based Practices in Art. She said she enjoyed working with multiple communities from children in Cambodia to old senior citizen from a local senior center. She explained how some of these projects to multiple days because some of the processes of the art are tidiest and take in consideration of the community situations. For example working with the senior citizen’s stained glass project took a while because stain glass requires a lot of sun light but the senior citizen were not authorized to be out in the sun light. So that process to 4 weeks to do. Like many artist of this project, Kayla wanted the community to embrace themselves. For example, the polaroid’s of older hands holding a piece of paper with a message stating what they accomplished with their hands. Most of them were very interesting. Workman looked very happy stating the messages she recalled like this one message that stated “ I cook fried chicken with my hands”

I really enjoyed viewing all the art work from the Cross-Cultural and Community-Based Practices in Art. This art work did resonate with my own perspective and ideas. I really do like diversity and seeing people giving back to the community. Like the idea of how they focus on communities such as the disabled, Acacia Adult Day Services and NCADD-Women to women. I like the empowerment through different communities. The art work definitely shows the happiness of embrace themselves through the colorful bright work. I like the happiness all the artwork displayed in the gallery. It reminds me of all the volunteer work I did in high school and seeing all the happiness of all the communities I have helped out.

Kayla R Workman website is kaylaraecreates.weebly.com


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