Week 3: Classmate Conversation-Edwyn Reyes


I met Edwyn through our friend Aron at the beach for our plaster casting project. He seemed like a really cool guy. I didn’t really get to know him until this classmate conversation. Through this classmate conversation I got to get a little insight on his life. This is his second year at CSU Long Beach and he’s a biology major. He hopes to use his biology degree for his career in dentistry. He was born in Mexico but was raised in Long Beach. He is half Mexican and half Japanese, I thought that was really cool because I’m also half Japanese too. I never would have thought he was part Japanese. We both liked the Cross-Cultural and Community-Based Practices in Art that was displayed in the Marylin Werby gallery. Edwyn enjoys nature and would like to go backpacking one day. He also really enjoys photography. . He mentioned that he would draw his own anime characters. He used to be really passionate about drawing so passionate in middle school he applied to a prestigious art academy for his high school years. Unfortunately he was not accepted to the art school which made him less passionate about art.

This is his blog- https://edwynreyes.wordpress.com/


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