Week 3: Social Photography

This week our activity was instagraming our daily lives. For every photo we post we caption #art110f15 so it would be easier to view other’s post. It’s amazing how a simple how a few and a # can lead to a community of posts. I was shocked that there was over 400 post with the hashtag, I was surprised at the amount and how most of these face I didn’t recognize in class. I felt that this activity was a good way of getting an insight on others. But personally I felt that it is better to get an insight on others’ lives by talking to them in person and getting to know their personal. Some post stood out to me but others looked typical and similar. For example, a good amount took a picture of the school or the steering wheel on the way to school. But there were other ones that stood out like the different angles of the art work we viewed that day and different cultural food such as tacos and dim sum. I really enjoy seeing diversity of post such as different cultures and ethnicities. It did feel like a virtual community of our art class and getting a little knowledge of others. Unfortunately at the same time I felt like it was disconnect because it’s only a post, you can’t hear their voice, physically see what they look like, or get a feel of their personality. But overall I felt that this was a good activity to get to know what others are like or how their lives are.122323 1234213 212341324 kjkjn


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