Week 4: Artist Conversation-David De Mendoza

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photo 1 (1)

David De Mendoza’s art work had a dark tones and colorful images. They were inspired by horror films and based on direct fear. The work had some human characteristics but with a monster form. The look of the paintings were kind of scary but interesting at the same time. The shapes were very curvy there were barely any straight lines. The paintings had some cloudy textures with Halloween like colors. The colors were very similar to villains from cartoon movies especially the green color. The media of his work was really spooky and interesting.

The rhythm of his art seem pretty slow just like most scary movies are. Some of the works had purple, blue, green, black, and some yellow. None of them were vibrant or happy tone colors. When I first walked into the gallery it felt like walking into a haunted house with scary portraits that follows you with their eyes.  The light greens reminded me of what witch skin should look like. The dark blues remind me of a Halloween night  with the moon sneaking through the clouds.

David De Mendoza’s work is called “Disquieting” was inspired by many horror films and common fears people have. His work was based on direct fear. For example, most people are afraid of spiders so most of his art had spiders with human like characteristics. His paintings had some human features separated such as eye balls, skulls, and mouths. Some of the art works were planned some had last minute changes. It took him 3 months over the summer to finish his work.

His works definitely resonate with my life because I do have many fears. One of my fears is spiders. My own ideas, perceptions, and perspective were not resonated with his work because I’m not a huge fan of scary images. My life experience does resonate with his work his images are fearful. But my academic life is not resonated with his art.

His instagram is demendizzle


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