Week 4: Classmate Conversation-Donna Tang

photo 4 (1)

This week I interviewed Donna Tang she is a fifth year at CSU Long Beach majoring in Social Work and minor in Chinese. She plans on going to graduate school and she is debating on going to San Diego. She is from San Diego which I thought was so cool because I’m also from San Diego. So far in college I only met a few people that are from San Diego. So I was very excited to hear that she was from San Diego. She is from Escondido which is 30 minutes away from my hometown in San Diego. We both asked each other where we would live after college and both of us are still unsure. Her hobbies are biking, playing the guitar, and lifting at the gym. She absolutely dislikes cardio. She is a member of intervarsity, a fun Christian fellowship filled with diversity. This week’s question was “Does art matter to you?” Donna answered “Yes it does. I think it’s one of the few, inexpensive ways, that anyone can express themselves. You don’t have to “learn art,” anyone can do art and it will mean something. There’s nothing else that can have that same affect.”


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