Week 5: Activity-Ethnography

photo 4 (2)

This week we have to go a day without electricity and live like how our ancestors did. At first hearing this assignment sounded terrible because I always use my phone, laptop, and lights. I’m not fund of the darkness. Because I’m not a candle person, I had to borrow my roommate’s candle. The candle’s scent was gingerbread pumpkin it smelled really good. Before sun down, I planned to stay in my room to study. It was really hard to stop myself from touching the light switch since I’m used to doing it my whole life.  I put the candle on my desk and read my accounting book. I wished that I could increase the brightness of the candle like I can on my phone. Not having my phone really helped me concentrate on my studies. After studying I got really bored and slept for an hour. I decided to go for a walk. I asked my roommates if they wanted to walk too. 2 out the 4 said yes and left their phones in our apartment. I’m glad that they wanted to contribute to my experience. It was really cool to see the night sky and having deep talks with my roommates. I felt like that walk made us become closer. Overall this was an interesting experience but I wouldn’t do it again because I love technology and electricity so much. I choose to not escape this reality.


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