Week 5: Artist Conversation – Jarand Abad, Josh Benz, Roddy Hernandez, Sery Kwon, Peter MaCaulay, Coleton Kargi Palmer, Karen Soli, Krista Tsukashima

photo 1 (2)photo 2 (2)

All of the art in the gallery had different shapes, colors, and themes. One painting had straight defined lines that showed a couple watching a movie in their bedroom but on the side of the couple there was a man with a camera filming. The colors of that painting reminded me of the sunset and the rhythm looked very smooth and jazzy. There was a little darkness to the painting. In the painting there was a black monster next to the couple.

Another painting looked like inspirational street art. It had a male figure that looked like a father holding a child. There were barely any colors but the images made up for the lack of color. There are various shapes to the painting. The painting has writing that says “Just another layer to paint” which I think is a friendly message to continue to paint what inspires you. Also in written is the word “wisdom” that may mean to write or paint a wise image.

All these artists collaborated on all the paintings displayed in the art gallery. The one with the couple was painted by Josh Benz with his partner Karen Soils. Josh Benz was the one who colored most of the painting. He really enjoys coloring. He explained that the painting shows the transition of being a child to adulthood.

The painting does resonate in my ideas, perspectives, and experience. I like watching TV shows or movies with friends or significant others . I really like how the painting shows a relaxing atmosphere which I enjoy on a everyday life. I’m not into too exciting events that involves too much activity.


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