Week 5: Classmate Conversation-Alicia Jones

photo 3 (2)

Alicia Jones is at her 2nd year at Cal State Long Beach her major is Film. She likes editing and would like to edit for TV. She’s from LA borderline near Compton; it takes her 20 to 25 minutes to drive to school. She loves cheerleadering.  On her cheerleading team she is level 4 and a flyer, so she is always thrown up in the air. Her first choice to go to college was Hawaiian University through a cheer scholarship but it was little too expensive and far. CSU Long Beach was her back up school and she really enjoys attending our school. She likes watching Grey’s Anatomy on Netflix. For the question of the week was what is your reality. This question was kind of confusing to interpret but we did our best to answer it. Alicia’s reality is being more cautious about money and able to live a well privilege life through her parents. Even though she lived near Compton she never seen any bad things or get into any messy situations. She was able to go to a good high school in Cerritos by commuting by long bus rides, carpools, and eventually her own car.

Website: https://aliciachristinajones.wordpress.com/


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