Week 6: Artist Conversation-Alice Andreini, Laura Lopez, and Sery Kwon

photo 3 photo 4 photo 2

Out of all the galleries I liked Site Lines the best. I really liked the colors they chose and the images that they painted. Almost all the paintings had bright fun colors such as yellows, oranges, pinks, and many more. The images were really beautiful to me because most of them were flowers and nature like images. I really enjoy images of flowers because I think flowers are the most beautiful naturally creations on this earth.  My favorite image is the yellow sporadic lines that remind me of dandelions. Most of the paintings had straight lines and defined images. With these defined images it is easier to interpret the art.

The color choices for these paintings were fun, bright, and free colors. The colors made the images of the paintings stand out. The dandelion painting was very brightly colored with yellow, orange, and very light greens. I think that color combination was a good choice and makes the image look loud and fun. Out of t=all the paintings that one stood out the most.

The artist who painted that was Alice Andreini. She got most of her inspiration from her garden and flowers placed in her room. She just gathered a bunch of flowers and started to paint. She says there’s a “synthetic contrast nature to the garden.” All of her paintings targeted specific flowers.

These paintings do resonate with my ideas and perspective because I do enjoy looking at flowers and seeing them in different perspective was really cool. And that I should enjoy more bright colors because at first I thought the color yellow was ugly. But after looking at her paintings it made me realize the color yellow isn’t such a bad color. The paintings don’t really resonate with me academically because with my major and business classes it is not bright and fun like her paintings.


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