Week 6: Classmate Conversation-Kim Pham

photo 1 (1)

This week I interviewed Kim Pham who is a 2nd year Cal State Long Beach student. She is from Long Beach and commutes 10 minutes. She is a health science major. She is the youngest sibling in her family. She loves going out to eat, shop, and hang out with friends. She only stays at home to relax so she’s never really home. She likes going to new food places which I thought was cool because she isn’t afraid to try new foods. To get ideas for new food places she uses the yelp app. For the question of the week, Kim and I weren’t sure how to answer so we did the best we can to answer. Kim’s favorite colors are pastel colors such as mint. She said the pastel colors make her feel happy. And we both agree that colors connection to our emotions because since elementary school we’ve been taught that blue represent sadness or red represent anger.

Her website: http://iiheartkp.org/


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