Week 7: Activity-Ephemeral Art(Snapchat)

photo 4 (3) photo 1 photo 4 photo 3 (2) photo 2 (1)

This week we got to use snapchat as are activity. For the activity all we needed to do is take a picture, draw on it, and then share it to our classmates. I drew simple drawings because I’m not artistic and creative. But other classmate’s snapchats were very creative, entertaining, and interesting. My drawings were simple such as a stick figure on the art work in the galleries we viewed this week and my attempt to draw a flame on the temperature filter to emphasize how hot it was that day. The snapchats I took a screenshot of was stemelc1234 and nickthebrick42. Stemec1234 was very creative and funny; it was her with drawing of Christmas around her and nickthebrick42 snapchat was cute and creative; it was a drawing of a monster inc character. It was really cool to see everyone’s daily life through snapchat and their creative perspectives. Using the app can help you draw on ordinary items or scenery better, creative, and fun. I think snapchat is less pressure than instagram and periscope because people can’t comment on your snapchat unless they snapback. On instagram and periscope it is easier to criticize and would stay there for a long period of time unless you delete. While snapchats only last for 24 hours. The apps are similar because you do have an audience which is your followers. So you know someone out there is watching you. I feel more comfortable posting snapchats on my story than any other social media app because of the less criticism and is viewed less serious.


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