Week 7: Artist Conversation-Jane Weibel

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The art work I viewed this week, made with ceramics created by Jane Weibel. The materials used for her piece were ceramics, fibers, and twist ties. The look of her work reminded me of Play-Doh which gave off a childish feeling. The light pastel colors looked like a nursery colors you would paint on the walls of a new child’s room.  I was really attracted to the colors because I do like pastel, light colors. It made me feel like a kid. The colors brought a soft tone to her work which made it innocent. The rhythm of her work was slow and peaceful because the shapes were curved and not structured. There was some texture to her work that didn’t make her work have straight lines.

The shape of her work was very interesting and cool. Her work was mostly shapes of playgrounds, swings, a home, hula hoops, and more home like items and structures. All the shapes were inspired by her early childhood which reminded me of my childhood. Her work was pretty jagged which brought out the childish atmosphere. The only straight lined pieces were the house made from tape and the strings to hold together the ceramics structures.

Jane Weibel wanted to show how you can recreate memories through art.  Also how you can shape your memories they way you pictured it. For Jane she pictured her very early memories of her childhood. She made all the significant childhood memories such as a swing, clothes with her baby clothes, and playground structures. She mentioned how you can manipulate and shape art just like your memories. The whole concept of her art work is to show how the brain works on memories. This project was a good way to reflect on your memories. She was inspired by a family member who had Alzheimer’s.

The artist’s idea on memories do resonate with my own ideas, perception, and perspective. Memories do make me curious about the brain which Jane shows the connection between the brain and memories. I believe you can manipulate your memories and choose what you want remember when you’re still young before you grow old and start losing your memory. Also using art to reflect on precious early memories is a good way to express yourself and keep your memory close to you.  Life experience and academics do resonate with this art work because everything in this life is based on memories that help you get your way in life. Having memories of mistakes and accomplishments would help you go forward in life. Without memories it wouldn’t help you go forward in life.

Her instagram is @janemargarette


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