Week 8: Artist Conversation-Rhiannon Aarons

photo 3 (4) photo 4 (4) photo 5 (1)

This week I viewed Rhiannon Aaron’s art in the Gatov East gallery. The colors and theme of her art seemed dark and shadowy. The colors made her remind me of dark mythological monsters. The lack of bright colors demonstrated seriousness.  The colors shown on her pieces were black, white, and brown. Black and white gives off slow smooth rhythm to her art. It shows that women artist can have a dark tone to their work. Most women artist I’ve seen had bright colors in at least one of their pieces. She really made her work unique and different with her color choices.

The shapes and the edges of her work varied. Her sketches were curved and straight which showed very realistic art. Her images were close to look like humans and animals and some even combined. Some of the art looked like unique cool creatures that had similar features as Satan. The skull shapes and figures remind me of Halloween and death.

Rhiannon Aarons wanted to show feminism through her work by using digital art to reflect the anatomy of women. Through research she found that Satan had women features such as breast. Aarons also found that most anatomy books were wrong about female bodies. She got a lot of her inspiration from Donna  Reed, other artist’s, some posts on facebook, feminist ideas, and many other sources. She wants to show that her work reflect women empowerment which I think is a great idea.

Her work does not really resonate with my personal experiences because I don’t really care for feminism. I feel that in this generation everyone knows women can be powerful figure and are no different to men.  I never had an experience of unfairness because of my gender.

Her website is http://www.rhiannonaarons.com


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