Week 9: Artist Conversation-Juan Martin

IMG_2602 IMG_2605

Juan Martin displayed 3 art pieces which were all sculptures. All the pieces were very unique to me because it’s something I see modern day but a little twist to them. The color scheme of his art work was grey and black. The dark colors gave off a lifeless and dark atmosphere.  The rhythm of the pieces seemed smooth and slow. There was no energetic rhythm from the pieces because they looked very mature and serious.

The shapes of the pieces were very straight, curved, and realistic. The mannequin he presented was very realistic and looked a lot like a human. This structure shows that the piece is very close to reality and a little far from imagination. I believe any art that looks very similar to something in reality may be perceived as serious. Another sculpture was shaped as a deer. The deer shaped sculpture gives off a peaceful look because most deers live a peaceful life in the forest.

Juan Martin wanted us to focus on the weight and the material of the mannequin. Most of us view mannequin as life size version of a human that looks similar to us but we don’t really view it as material. We don’t view it as material because most mannequins have color, clothes, and sometimes faces. Martin wanted to “shatter” our views toward mannequins. The material of Martin’s sculpture was concrete which gave off the texture of it being heavy. Also he put a mirror under the mannequin to show that the sculpture is very heavy that it can make the mirror stay in place. The taxidermy sculpture was his curiosity of mixing hand modeling and digital manipulation.

The idea of his pieces did not resonate with my ideas. I never really thought of mannequins as just material, I always viewed them as figures that can display clothes and influence shoppers to buy the clothes. In my perspective I viewed mannequins as a way of advertising new fashion trends and decorations in clothing stores.  I feel that his art does resonate in my academics and life because you have to see certain situations and items in different perspectives. Different perspectives can lead you to unique and new ideas and solutions.

He mentioned that he did have a facebook page for his art but unfortunately I was not able to find his facebook page so I could not post a link to his website.


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