Week 9: Activity-Transmedia Storytelling


This week’s activity we had to make up characters and tell a story with our made up character and two more character. I teamed up with Aron Chek, Stephanie Chang, and Edwyn Reyes. My character’s name is Rachel she loves being outside and doing extreme activities. Rachel favorite activity is surfing and enjoys being at the beach since she lives close by. For Rachel I made 2 social media platforms, twitter and instagram. Rachel’s mission is to do many activities as she can while she is still young. Rachel is only 19 years old and goes to college, majoring in marine biology. Rachel is a typical super chill surfer. Her dream is to live in Hawaii some day. Aron’s characters name is Timothy Q, he is very cocky and is always one step ahead of everyone else. Edwyn’s character is Sambath Q, he’s the younger brother of Timothy and usually has to apologize for his brother. Stephanie Chang character’s name is Dylan Sutter, he is a third year in college and is a photographer. For our interaction we used twitter. On twitter Stephanie’s character commented on Timothy’s photo on the beach. She commented that it was good and she does her own photography. Dylan Sutter posts her beach photo and then Timothy comments that it “ehh alright” and hints that his is better. My character comments oh I surf at the beach. Timothy replies back saying oh I can out surf you. Then Sambath apologizes for his brother’s cocky comments. This activity was interesting and brought my creativity to flow. This was pretty cool and fun experience, I felt like an actor for a mini show or play but without auditioning.


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