Week 10: Artist Conversation-Thomas Cressman

IMG_2657 IMG_2658 FullSizeRender (1) IMG_2656

For this week I visited the Gatov-East gallery created by Thomas Cressman. His art was called Living Forms. I really like the colors of the metal figures, the colors had an earthy tone such as brown, dark turquoise, and dark green. The colors displayed a smooth and relaxing rhythm similar to what nature gives off. Some of the art has some shine which made the art look really nice and significant. It also reminded me of marbles.

The shape of the sculptures were very interesting, there was various shapes to them. Some looked like they were shaped as flowers, rocks, branch and many more. My favorite one was the one displayed in the center that was shaped as a flower. Since these shapes are very similar to what you would find in nature and whole gallery gave off a nature atmosphere. To me nature atmospheres display relaxations and calming moods.

Thomas Cressman was inspired by the beauty of natural life and did research “different features and behaviors of living things.” He liked the different forms and features of living organisms. How the organism exist in nature and the environment made him interested in making his art. For all his sculpture he used metal as a medium. He wants people that view his art see the “natural world” as he does.

His art resonate in my perspective because I am interested on how some organism exist in nature such as flowers. Cressman art doesn’t resonate with my academics because business does not relate with nature and how organism have features they were born with.  I like how flowers blow outward depending on the season or it’s surroundings. I see nature as a beautiful and unique thing. It fascinates me how living things such as plants have certain features and can’t be changed unless someone manipulates them or tampers with them.

His art is on his Instagram @ thom_cress6


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