Week 11: Artist Conversation-Kathy Yoon

IMG_2858 IMG_2859 IMG_2861 IMG_2862

This week I visited Merlino-Gallery and viewed Kathy Yoon’s art work. Her art work was very interesting and cute because her ceramics looked like little people. The colors she chose for her ceramics were white, red, and black. The colors gave off a creepy and sad atmosphere because lack of bright colors and the shapes of the ceramics also gave away that atmosphere too.  I like how Yoon’s art gives off the serious and hard part of life. I believe anyone can relate to her art because everyone had a sad and lost part in their life.

The shapes of the ceramics were very cute because they were tiny carton people and had a similar look to little big plant characters. They also reminded me of little versions of Jack Skeleton from Night Before Christmas. The positions of the ceramics looked sad and lost. For example, many of them were looking down. Some of the piece you can see frustration like the one with the skirt putting her head to the floor and the another ceramic that is sitting on its head. The positions of the ceramics are very relatable because we may have done these positions when we were frustrated as a young kid or mental we feel like when we are frustrated.

Kathy Yoon wanted to illustrate her life experiences and sad moments in her life and connect with her viewers. Her art was a way to vent her frustration, sadness, and anxiety. She loves creating new things and that’s how she got into ceramics. It took her almost a whole year to complete all her art pieces in the gallery. All the piece connected with her emotions and I believe anyone can relate to her art work we had to go through these emotions at one point in our lives.

Her art pieces did resonate in my perspective and my ideas because there have been multiple times that I was frustrated with life and the problems I went through. Yoon’s art work does resonate a little bit with my academics because with classes getting harder in college, there will be frustrating moment such as not understanding a lecture for your major and receiving bad grade.   I really do like Tim Burton carton movies so was already attracted to her art piece. So far her art work is the most realistic and relatable gallery I’ve seen this whole semester. I was glad I got to view her art pieces because it shows that not everyone has it together and there’s always will be lost and frustrated parts in your life.

Her instagram is @kathy.c.yoon


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