Week 12: Classmate Conversation-Stephanie Chang


This week I interviewed Stephanie Chang, she is at her second year at Cal State Long Beach. She is majoring in Marketing. I met Stephanie on the beach day activity, the plaster casting. We also went to Venice Beach for spray the walls. Her spray paint art was really good and unique because she painted her last name in Chinese. She’s a very sweet girl and isn’t afraid to come up to people. She is very passionate about Christianity. She is part of this fun fellowship called Intervarsity, where a lot of nice and fun people like Stephanie can embrace their love for God. Stephanie is also a good cook likes to make a lot of Asian dishes and I’m very grateful that she offers her delicious lunch to me. She also good at art and is really appreciative of great Artist such as Kathy Yoon’s art. Stephanie personally let Yoon know that her art is good. For the question of the week, the color that calms her is blue and pastel light colors. No colors make her angry and she loves all colors.

Her website is https://stephmchang.wordpress.com/


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