Week 12: Artist Conversation-Mike Kent

IMG_2922 IMG_2920 IMG_2919 IMG_2921 IMG_2918

This week I viewed Mike Kent’s art which consist of paintings. The paintings were very realistic and unique. The colors he has choose for his paintings are normal colors for day to day real life such as humans, nature, and what this world normally looks like. There was no extreme bright or dark colors to set a specific theme. The normal colors realistic colors brought the seriousness and realistic perspectives. The shading of the painting are really soft and give off a normal day at the beach or an ordinary day at home.

The shapes of the figures in the painting are not abstract and very ordinary. The shapes are pretty identical to humans which is very normal. Even couple of figures in the paintings look like the artist himself. Some of the images and figures were curved and straight. The curves and straight edges were not so dramatic that you had to guess what the figure is.

The artist want to show his audience to embrace “sameness.” That everyone is going through the same situations as everyone else. I agree with the Kent’s idea because everyone can relate to someone in anyway. For example, going through a rough time at home or enjoying the scenery outside like the beach.

I believe that the artist’s idea of “sameness” resonates with my personal beliefs because I believe everyone can be same in some way. But I also believe that every human being has unique feature about themselves. This does resonate with my academics because everyone has a goal in academics whether it be getting the top score in the class or just barely passing by with a C or below. But someone out there may have the same idea as you so become more creative and stand out from the rest.

His instagrm is @Icon5350


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