Week 13:Artist Conversation-Tyler Turett

This week, I viewed Tyler Turett’s Art work. Turett’s art work was very interesting and unique. He did many forms of art such as 2D drawing, 3D clay art, and animations. All of his work varied and there was not a set theme for all the pieces to be connected. All of his piece had different ideas and perspective to them. Some of the art had animals and humans or animals with human characteristics. All of his pieces gave off a fun and enjoyable atmospheres because the shapes he choose for his art was not too serious and realistic. His human characters had features that stood such as really big eyes and nose. For his animal cartoon characters, his frogs were standing up right just like humans which I felt gave off a funny theme that drawing.

The colors Turett chose for his art also vary because some were neutral colors such as black or white and some were bright colors like green. Some of his art was also very light color scheme especially the water color art. The black and white art looked like they were sketches for the beginning stages of his art and as he adds more color to his art it shows the finishing touches. It also continues it’s process to animation art were his videos of his animation is shown in the other room.

Tyler Turett is majoring in Animation Track, he is inspired by many animation studios such as Pixar and the creators of robot chicken. Turett prefers digital rather than drawing on paper. He feels that he can do so much more with animation than just drawing. He does a lot of stop motion animations with wire and foil. He likes the idea of stepping out of your safe zone and create whatever you want.

Turett’s art does resonate with my ideas and beliefs because I do believe you should step out of your safe zone and create something that you believe will be good and benefit others. Turett creates his animations to entertain people and also do it for himself. I feel that his animations will go far and be entertaining to many audiences. But I do not believe his art resonate with my academics because accounting isn’t really about stepping out of your safe zone, it’s about following the rules and making sure the company is doing fine.

Tyler Turett’s website is http://tylerturett.wix.com/tylerturettanimation


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