Week 13:Artist Conversation-Tyler Turett

This week, I viewed Tyler Turett’s Art work. Turett’s art work was very interesting and unique. He did many forms of art such as 2D drawing, 3D clay art, and animations. All of his work varied and there was not a set theme for all the pieces to be connected. All of his piece had different ideas and perspective to them. Some of the art had animals and humans or animals with human characteristics. All of his pieces gave off a fun and enjoyable atmospheres because the shapes he choose for his art was not too serious and realistic. His human characters had features that stood such as really big eyes and nose. For his animal cartoon characters, his frogs were standing up right just like humans which I felt gave off a funny theme that drawing.

The colors Turett chose for his art also vary because some were neutral colors such as black or white and some were bright colors like green. Some of his art was also very light color scheme especially the water color art. The black and white art looked like they were sketches for the beginning stages of his art and as he adds more color to his art it shows the finishing touches. It also continues it’s process to animation art were his videos of his animation is shown in the other room.

Tyler Turett is majoring in Animation Track, he is inspired by many animation studios such as Pixar and the creators of robot chicken. Turett prefers digital rather than drawing on paper. He feels that he can do so much more with animation than just drawing. He does a lot of stop motion animations with wire and foil. He likes the idea of stepping out of your safe zone and create whatever you want.

Turett’s art does resonate with my ideas and beliefs because I do believe you should step out of your safe zone and create something that you believe will be good and benefit others. Turett creates his animations to entertain people and also do it for himself. I feel that his animations will go far and be entertaining to many audiences. But I do not believe his art resonate with my academics because accounting isn’t really about stepping out of your safe zone, it’s about following the rules and making sure the company is doing fine.

Tyler Turett’s website is http://tylerturett.wix.com/tylerturettanimation


Week 13: Classmate Conversation-Kahlia Cadle


This week I met Khalia Cadle, she is attending Cal State Long Beach at her 2nd year. She is also a accounting major just like me. She is from a city called Fontana. Khalia commutes from Monday to Thursday and she spends about $30 on gas every week. For her free time she likes to sing and make music. In the future she would like to be an accountant in the music industries. Her favorite genre of music is Alternative and Folk such as Mumford and Sons and Imagine Dragons. I thought that was really cool because I do enjoy listening to those bands. For the question of the week, Khalia’s view on art did change from the beginning of the semester and now. At first she thought art was just two forms, paintings and sculptures. But now she realizes that there’s many forms of art. After seeing many galleries, she discovers that many artist can display their art through many different and unique forms.

khalia’s website is https://kahliacadle.wordpress.com/

Week 12:Activity-ePortfolio


I’ve had a hobby of reusing and recycling things into decorations for rooms and living rooms. Ever since my sophomore year of high school during every winter and summer break. So for my ePortfolio I’m going to show steps on how to make Do it yourself projects for cheap by using materials already found in your home or cheap to buy at the store. My audience would mainly be college students that want to make their living space cool and trendy. In the future I’ll provide steps and pictures of the processes on how to make the cool DIY projects.

My website is diy4cheap.tumblr.com

Week 12: Artist Conversation-Mike Kent

IMG_2922 IMG_2920 IMG_2919 IMG_2921 IMG_2918

This week I viewed Mike Kent’s art which consist of paintings. The paintings were very realistic and unique. The colors he has choose for his paintings are normal colors for day to day real life such as humans, nature, and what this world normally looks like. There was no extreme bright or dark colors to set a specific theme. The normal colors realistic colors brought the seriousness and realistic perspectives. The shading of the painting are really soft and give off a normal day at the beach or an ordinary day at home.

The shapes of the figures in the painting are not abstract and very ordinary. The shapes are pretty identical to humans which is very normal. Even couple of figures in the paintings look like the artist himself. Some of the images and figures were curved and straight. The curves and straight edges were not so dramatic that you had to guess what the figure is.

The artist want to show his audience to embrace “sameness.” That everyone is going through the same situations as everyone else. I agree with the Kent’s idea because everyone can relate to someone in anyway. For example, going through a rough time at home or enjoying the scenery outside like the beach.

I believe that the artist’s idea of “sameness” resonates with my personal beliefs because I believe everyone can be same in some way. But I also believe that every human being has unique feature about themselves. This does resonate with my academics because everyone has a goal in academics whether it be getting the top score in the class or just barely passing by with a C or below. But someone out there may have the same idea as you so become more creative and stand out from the rest.

His instagrm is @Icon5350

Week 12: Classmate Conversation-Stephanie Chang


This week I interviewed Stephanie Chang, she is at her second year at Cal State Long Beach. She is majoring in Marketing. I met Stephanie on the beach day activity, the plaster casting. We also went to Venice Beach for spray the walls. Her spray paint art was really good and unique because she painted her last name in Chinese. She’s a very sweet girl and isn’t afraid to come up to people. She is very passionate about Christianity. She is part of this fun fellowship called Intervarsity, where a lot of nice and fun people like Stephanie can embrace their love for God. Stephanie is also a good cook likes to make a lot of Asian dishes and I’m very grateful that she offers her delicious lunch to me. She also good at art and is really appreciative of great Artist such as Kathy Yoon’s art. Stephanie personally let Yoon know that her art is good. For the question of the week, the color that calms her is blue and pastel light colors. No colors make her angry and she loves all colors.

Her website is https://stephmchang.wordpress.com/

Week 11: Artist Conversation-Kathy Yoon

IMG_2858 IMG_2859 IMG_2861 IMG_2862

This week I visited Merlino-Gallery and viewed Kathy Yoon’s art work. Her art work was very interesting and cute because her ceramics looked like little people. The colors she chose for her ceramics were white, red, and black. The colors gave off a creepy and sad atmosphere because lack of bright colors and the shapes of the ceramics also gave away that atmosphere too.  I like how Yoon’s art gives off the serious and hard part of life. I believe anyone can relate to her art because everyone had a sad and lost part in their life.

The shapes of the ceramics were very cute because they were tiny carton people and had a similar look to little big plant characters. They also reminded me of little versions of Jack Skeleton from Night Before Christmas. The positions of the ceramics looked sad and lost. For example, many of them were looking down. Some of the piece you can see frustration like the one with the skirt putting her head to the floor and the another ceramic that is sitting on its head. The positions of the ceramics are very relatable because we may have done these positions when we were frustrated as a young kid or mental we feel like when we are frustrated.

Kathy Yoon wanted to illustrate her life experiences and sad moments in her life and connect with her viewers. Her art was a way to vent her frustration, sadness, and anxiety. She loves creating new things and that’s how she got into ceramics. It took her almost a whole year to complete all her art pieces in the gallery. All the piece connected with her emotions and I believe anyone can relate to her art work we had to go through these emotions at one point in our lives.

Her art pieces did resonate in my perspective and my ideas because there have been multiple times that I was frustrated with life and the problems I went through. Yoon’s art work does resonate a little bit with my academics because with classes getting harder in college, there will be frustrating moment such as not understanding a lecture for your major and receiving bad grade.   I really do like Tim Burton carton movies so was already attracted to her art piece. So far her art work is the most realistic and relatable gallery I’ve seen this whole semester. I was glad I got to view her art pieces because it shows that not everyone has it together and there’s always will be lost and frustrated parts in your life.

Her instagram is @kathy.c.yoon

Week 11: Classmate Conversation-Genesis Jacobo


This week I met Genesis she is at her 2nd year at Cal State Long Beach. She is from Compton and commutes every day. It only takes her 10 to 15 minutes to drive to school. Her current major is Pre-Kinesiology but she wants to switch to Nursing major. During her free time she likes to hang out with friends and family. She has three older brothers; one of her brothers also attends CSU Long Beach. She is the youngest in her family. So far in the class she is doing well, she enjoys the new atmospheres of the art galleries. She likes to play all sorts of video games on her free time such as Playstation 4. Genesis loves Italian food and sea food. But she has not tried good sushi before so I recommended some good sushi places to go to around Long Beach. She speaks English, Spanish, and she knows a little bit of French.  She hopes to some day visit all of the countries in Europe especially France, Spain, and Italy. The topic for the question of the week was tattoos. Genesis believes that tattoos are art but would not choose it from a book. If she had to choose a tattoo, she would choose a anchor or a flower.

Her website is https://genesisjcb.wordpress.com/

Week 10: Activity-Game Design


Out of all the activities I’ve done for this class. This activity was probably most difficult and confusing activity assigned. I really did like the idea of geocaching, it sound like a treasure hunt and looking for an interesting prize. For my geocache I wanted I used an Altoids box and it contained lyrics from the song you’re Beautiful by James Blunt and a meaningful quote from Maya Angelou. I wanted to place my geocache at a park but unfortunately I did not know how to get the coordinates to register on the website. I was trying to find a geocache on my phone with the app but I had difficulty finding the item. I was upset being able to register mine because mine had a good message. I wanted the person for whoever finds it to remind themselves that they are beautiful and they are living in a beautiful world. I hope whoever finds will enjoy messages.

Week 10: Artist Conversation-Thomas Cressman

IMG_2657 IMG_2658 FullSizeRender (1) IMG_2656

For this week I visited the Gatov-East gallery created by Thomas Cressman. His art was called Living Forms. I really like the colors of the metal figures, the colors had an earthy tone such as brown, dark turquoise, and dark green. The colors displayed a smooth and relaxing rhythm similar to what nature gives off. Some of the art has some shine which made the art look really nice and significant. It also reminded me of marbles.

The shape of the sculptures were very interesting, there was various shapes to them. Some looked like they were shaped as flowers, rocks, branch and many more. My favorite one was the one displayed in the center that was shaped as a flower. Since these shapes are very similar to what you would find in nature and whole gallery gave off a nature atmosphere. To me nature atmospheres display relaxations and calming moods.

Thomas Cressman was inspired by the beauty of natural life and did research “different features and behaviors of living things.” He liked the different forms and features of living organisms. How the organism exist in nature and the environment made him interested in making his art. For all his sculpture he used metal as a medium. He wants people that view his art see the “natural world” as he does.

His art resonate in my perspective because I am interested on how some organism exist in nature such as flowers. Cressman art doesn’t resonate with my academics because business does not relate with nature and how organism have features they were born with.  I like how flowers blow outward depending on the season or it’s surroundings. I see nature as a beautiful and unique thing. It fascinates me how living things such as plants have certain features and can’t be changed unless someone manipulates them or tampers with them.

His art is on his Instagram @ thom_cress6