Week 10: Classmate Conversation-Albert Haddad


This week I interviewed Albert Haddad, it is his first year at Cal State Long Beach. He is originally  from Los Angeles and loves the city. He is currently dorming on campus, his major is Civil Engineering. He is Lebanese and can speak Arabic. I thought that was super cool because I rarely meet anyone that is Lebanese. He enjoys watching Netflix, he is currently watching Breaking Bad. He also enjoys going out to eat and hanging out with friends. So far he likes to do the different class activities and looking at the different art galleries. For the question of the week, “What country would you like to visit?” Albert answered Lebanon because he has never been and wants to see his family roots.

Albert’s website: https://alberthaddadwordpresscom.wordpress.com/


Week 9: Activity-Transmedia Storytelling


This week’s activity we had to make up characters and tell a story with our made up character and two more character. I teamed up with Aron Chek, Stephanie Chang, and Edwyn Reyes. My character’s name is Rachel she loves being outside and doing extreme activities. Rachel favorite activity is surfing and enjoys being at the beach since she lives close by. For Rachel I made 2 social media platforms, twitter and instagram. Rachel’s mission is to do many activities as she can while she is still young. Rachel is only 19 years old and goes to college, majoring in marine biology. Rachel is a typical super chill surfer. Her dream is to live in Hawaii some day. Aron’s characters name is Timothy Q, he is very cocky and is always one step ahead of everyone else. Edwyn’s character is Sambath Q, he’s the younger brother of Timothy and usually has to apologize for his brother. Stephanie Chang character’s name is Dylan Sutter, he is a third year in college and is a photographer. For our interaction we used twitter. On twitter Stephanie’s character commented on Timothy’s photo on the beach. She commented that it was good and she does her own photography. Dylan Sutter posts her beach photo and then Timothy comments that it “ehh alright” and hints that his is better. My character comments oh I surf at the beach. Timothy replies back saying oh I can out surf you. Then Sambath apologizes for his brother’s cocky comments. This activity was interesting and brought my creativity to flow. This was pretty cool and fun experience, I felt like an actor for a mini show or play but without auditioning.

Week 9: Artist Conversation-Juan Martin

IMG_2602 IMG_2605

Juan Martin displayed 3 art pieces which were all sculptures. All the pieces were very unique to me because it’s something I see modern day but a little twist to them. The color scheme of his art work was grey and black. The dark colors gave off a lifeless and dark atmosphere.  The rhythm of the pieces seemed smooth and slow. There was no energetic rhythm from the pieces because they looked very mature and serious.

The shapes of the pieces were very straight, curved, and realistic. The mannequin he presented was very realistic and looked a lot like a human. This structure shows that the piece is very close to reality and a little far from imagination. I believe any art that looks very similar to something in reality may be perceived as serious. Another sculpture was shaped as a deer. The deer shaped sculpture gives off a peaceful look because most deers live a peaceful life in the forest.

Juan Martin wanted us to focus on the weight and the material of the mannequin. Most of us view mannequin as life size version of a human that looks similar to us but we don’t really view it as material. We don’t view it as material because most mannequins have color, clothes, and sometimes faces. Martin wanted to “shatter” our views toward mannequins. The material of Martin’s sculpture was concrete which gave off the texture of it being heavy. Also he put a mirror under the mannequin to show that the sculpture is very heavy that it can make the mirror stay in place. The taxidermy sculpture was his curiosity of mixing hand modeling and digital manipulation.

The idea of his pieces did not resonate with my ideas. I never really thought of mannequins as just material, I always viewed them as figures that can display clothes and influence shoppers to buy the clothes. In my perspective I viewed mannequins as a way of advertising new fashion trends and decorations in clothing stores.  I feel that his art does resonate in my academics and life because you have to see certain situations and items in different perspectives. Different perspectives can lead you to unique and new ideas and solutions.

He mentioned that he did have a facebook page for his art but unfortunately I was not able to find his facebook page so I could not post a link to his website.

Week 9: Classmate Conversation-Aron Chek


This week I interviewed Aron Chek. I’ve met him before and got to know him little by little every week. He is at his second year at Cal State Long Beach and is major is Film. He really enjoys taking pictures and filming videos. He was born and raised in Long Beach; he actually lives really close by Cal State Long Beach. He commute time is really short and doesn’t take him long to go to school.  He likes cold, rainy, and cloudy weather and would probably like to live in San Francisco or Seattle.  The question of the week is “After visiting many galleries and seeing the artist’s different art pieces, what is your favorite type?” Aron’s favorite type of art is metal.

This is Aron’s website: https://aronchek.wordpress.com/

Week 8: Artist Conversation-Rhiannon Aarons

photo 3 (4) photo 4 (4) photo 5 (1)

This week I viewed Rhiannon Aaron’s art in the Gatov East gallery. The colors and theme of her art seemed dark and shadowy. The colors made her remind me of dark mythological monsters. The lack of bright colors demonstrated seriousness.  The colors shown on her pieces were black, white, and brown. Black and white gives off slow smooth rhythm to her art. It shows that women artist can have a dark tone to their work. Most women artist I’ve seen had bright colors in at least one of their pieces. She really made her work unique and different with her color choices.

The shapes and the edges of her work varied. Her sketches were curved and straight which showed very realistic art. Her images were close to look like humans and animals and some even combined. Some of the art looked like unique cool creatures that had similar features as Satan. The skull shapes and figures remind me of Halloween and death.

Rhiannon Aarons wanted to show feminism through her work by using digital art to reflect the anatomy of women. Through research she found that Satan had women features such as breast. Aarons also found that most anatomy books were wrong about female bodies. She got a lot of her inspiration from Donna  Reed, other artist’s, some posts on facebook, feminist ideas, and many other sources. She wants to show that her work reflect women empowerment which I think is a great idea.

Her work does not really resonate with my personal experiences because I don’t really care for feminism. I feel that in this generation everyone knows women can be powerful figure and are no different to men.  I never had an experience of unfairness because of my gender.

Her website is http://www.rhiannonaarons.com

Week 8: Activity-Art writing and editing

This week’s activity I reviewed and critic a classmate’s blog by following Glenn’s criteria. The criteria were to edit the classmate below you on the class rooster. The classmate I reviewed was Cameron Cripe, his blog is cameroncripe.wordpress.com. His Artist Conversation was a good length which is 4 paragraphs. Some of his sentences were weirdly written like his sentence trying to compare his attitudes toward the artist’s work. For example, “Going through the gallery in a different attitude and noticing pretty early on how the negative pieces had more holes, compared to the positive pieces that were covered in more detail.” I wasn’t really sure where he was going with this sentence. I was confused on how he felt about the artist’s piece.  He was very repetitive with his paragraphs by writing “Going through” for every sentence. Another repetitive thing he did was writing “this piece” to describe the artist’s work. He didn’t go too in depth on the artist’s inspiration and the meaning of it. Or how the artist’s work reflected his life or own idea. His description of the artist’s work was really good. He had good diction on his blog. The flow or timeline of the paragraphs were good. For my blog my grammar is not the best, I need to find more intelligent word to describe the artist’s creations, and make my sentences more understandable.

Week 8: Classmate Conversation-Diana Nguyen

photo (7)

This week I met Diana. She is at her 3rd year at Cal State Long Beach and is electrical engineering student. She went to Stockade High School which is located in Bakersfield. During her free time she likes to read, watch TV and YouTube videos. She has a 12 year old brother who likes to watch YouTube gaming videos. Diana also likes to watch YouTube gaming videos with him. For the question of the week: After visiting the galleries and seeing different art work, how does anything you see in this work of art remind you of something else you have seen or experienced? Diana answered that last week’s gallery created by Jane Weibel reminded her of a child’s playhouse and how she use to go to a daycare as a child and play house.

Her website is http://dianadnguyen.com/

Week 7: Artist Conversation-Jane Weibel

photo 1 (3) photo 2 (2) photo 2 (3) photo 3 (3) photo 1 (4) photo 4 (2)

The art work I viewed this week, made with ceramics created by Jane Weibel. The materials used for her piece were ceramics, fibers, and twist ties. The look of her work reminded me of Play-Doh which gave off a childish feeling. The light pastel colors looked like a nursery colors you would paint on the walls of a new child’s room.  I was really attracted to the colors because I do like pastel, light colors. It made me feel like a kid. The colors brought a soft tone to her work which made it innocent. The rhythm of her work was slow and peaceful because the shapes were curved and not structured. There was some texture to her work that didn’t make her work have straight lines.

The shape of her work was very interesting and cool. Her work was mostly shapes of playgrounds, swings, a home, hula hoops, and more home like items and structures. All the shapes were inspired by her early childhood which reminded me of my childhood. Her work was pretty jagged which brought out the childish atmosphere. The only straight lined pieces were the house made from tape and the strings to hold together the ceramics structures.

Jane Weibel wanted to show how you can recreate memories through art.  Also how you can shape your memories they way you pictured it. For Jane she pictured her very early memories of her childhood. She made all the significant childhood memories such as a swing, clothes with her baby clothes, and playground structures. She mentioned how you can manipulate and shape art just like your memories. The whole concept of her art work is to show how the brain works on memories. This project was a good way to reflect on your memories. She was inspired by a family member who had Alzheimer’s.

The artist’s idea on memories do resonate with my own ideas, perception, and perspective. Memories do make me curious about the brain which Jane shows the connection between the brain and memories. I believe you can manipulate your memories and choose what you want remember when you’re still young before you grow old and start losing your memory. Also using art to reflect on precious early memories is a good way to express yourself and keep your memory close to you.  Life experience and academics do resonate with this art work because everything in this life is based on memories that help you get your way in life. Having memories of mistakes and accomplishments would help you go forward in life. Without memories it wouldn’t help you go forward in life.

Her instagram is @janemargarette

Week 7: Classmate Conversation-Shannelle Cruz

photo 5

This week I interviewed Shannelle Cruz. Shannelle is at her 4th year at Cal State Long Beach and she is excited to graduate. Her major is health care administration and would like to work in a hospital setting in the future. Right now she is interning in care giving and getting HR experience. She was born and raised in Long Beach and she hopes to work at a hospital in the OC area. She likes to eat out, go to the gym, watch Netflix, and Tahitian dance. This week’s question of the week is what hair color would you dye your hair. Shannelle answered blue on the tips of her hair and she said she would feel like a mermaid.

Her website is shannellecruz.wordpress.com